Under the Star House
12.04.2017 Administrator

The Star House is an excellent example of the historical lavish residences of wealthy burghers and patricians of Toruń. It is commonly believed to be the most beautiful burgher’s house in Toruń.

It owes its name to the golden star mounted on top of its gable. The walls of the house date back to medieval times when it was adjacent to a house, not preserved, which belonged to Nicolaus Copernicus’ parents. At the end of the 15th century the building which stood here was owned by Filipp Buonaccorsi known as Callimachus, an Italian humanist and tutor to the sons of the Polish king Casimir IV Jagiellon.

The present-day façade dates back to the end of the 17th century when it was decorated with lavish Baroque ornaments of stucco flowers, fruit, shells and grasses. The entrance leads through a wooden relief door framed with a stone portal. The door leads to a high and spacious hall with the spiral staircase from 1697 adorned with the figures of Minerva and a lion. The wooden beam ceilings are painted in polychrome and on the first floor there is an elegant drawing room furnished around 1800 in the Empire style.

The decorative interiors are an excellent background for the exhibitions held in the Star House by the Far East Art branch of the District Museum in Toruń.


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